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The GroovBoard has sold out. Aww.

It'll be back though, and it'll be shinier and awesomer than ever.

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Sorry, this product is sold out.

For the true Apple fan

Despite having the name in common with our favorite perfectionistic hardware maker, apple wood gets its charm not from flawless polish but rather from the inevitable minor imperfections and the signature grain patterns that are characteristic for this timber. But, what it lacks in polish, it makes up for in character and warmth.

The apple GroovBoard is made of both the heartwood and the sapwood of the apple tree and comes in two distinct styles: The Marble Cake model's heartwood is dark brown while the Latte model's has a distinctively lighter tone. See the image gallery above for an idea of the differences, but keep in mind that no two models will look exactly alike. The two styles are only meant to separate the predominantly darker models from the lighter ones, so you can choose which one you prefer.

Key Facts

  • Solid apple, solvent-free linseed oil finish, neodymium magnets, self-adhesive anti-slip rubber feet
  • ~300 x 230 x 24 mm (11.8 x 9 x 0.95 inches)
  • ~1,200 grams (2.6 lbs)
  • Supports iPad 1 and iPad 2, 3 & 4, iPad Air and the iPad mini with or without Smart Cover
  • Stylus holders support styluses of up to ~12 mm diameter (e.g. Wacom Bamboo Stylus, Adonit Jot Pro, Pogo Sketch, etc.)
  • iPad and accessories pictured not included.

The GroovBoard gives you several options for using your iPad comfortably with or without an external keyboard, with a stylus, on your couch or easy chair, in bed or at a desk or table.

In flat mode, the two main grooves hold your iPad securely at two distinct angles, and let you use an external keyboard when the iPad is in the back groove. In upright mode, the iPad sits in the top groove, rested against your thighs and the back (or, in this mode, upper) groove becomes a mount for the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

Two stylus holders on the left and right side of the GroovBoard hold on to your stylus in both flat and upright mode. Any stylus up to a diameter of about 12 mm (~0.47 inches) will fit.


When the GroovBoard is used in upright mode with your knees pulled up, you can remove the magnetically attached handrest to move the iPad to a lower, more comfortable position if required. This is most useful when using the iPad in this position without an external keyboard.

If you want to use the GroovBoard on your desk or countertop, six anti-slip rubber feet support it and protect both the GroovBoard and the respective surface from scratches.

[My wife] does not use the iPad without the board anymore: for reading during breakfast and for seating at the couch, she uses it all the time. And the thing is that me and the kids love it too, so I think we will soon need more than one groovboard. Thanks for a great product!

If you like watching movies on your iPad and you have a Bluetooth speaker like the Jawbone Jambox, try placing the speaker in front of the iPad with the front of the speaker facing the iPad's screen. The sound gets reflected off of the screen at an angle that makes it sound like the audio is coming right out of the iPad.

Another great usage scenario for watching a movie or reading on the iPad is to use the GroovBoard for setting down a cup of coffee. Just be sure not to wiggle around too much ;)

For a full feature overview, check out the usage page.

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