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Turn Your iPad into the Perfect Couch Computer

The iPad is the perfect couch computer except for one aspect: You have to hold it in order to use it.

Holding the iPad with one hand leaves you with just one hand to tap, type and swipe while your other hand gets tired pretty quickly. Resting the iPad in your lap can make it difficult to read the screen and puts a strain on your neck. Ideally, you’d have a third hand that holds the iPad in a comfortable position while you use it with your other two hands.

The GroovBoard is that third hand — and more.

Use Your iPad Comfortably

Position the GroovBoard on your legs, insert your iPad in the front groove and enjoy using your favorite apps with both hands at a comfortable angle for reading, watching movies, browsing the Web, drawing or painting, playing games and more. This is the GroovBoard’s flat mode and you can also use it this way sitting cross-legged, if that’s your thing.

If you get tired of sitting with stretched-out legs, simply pull up your knees, insert your iPad in the top groove and rest it against your legs. This is the GroovBoard’s upright mode and you can remove the handrest to lower the iPad’s position, if needed.

Use A Real Keyboard

But that’s just the start. If you want to use your iPad for actual work, you’ll probably want to use a real, physical keyboard, especially if you’re a touch-typist. The GroovBoard was specifically designed to support the Apple Wireless Keyboard in both flat and upright mode. In flat mode, just put the iPad in the back groove and place the keyboard in front of it. In upright mode, where the iPad sits in the top groove, the back groove holds on to the keyboard. In both modes the front part of the GroovBoard serves as a hand rest for typing.

Never Go Rummaging For Your Stylus Again

And that’s still not all. Apple seems to want us to use the iPad exclusively with our fingers. But the dozens of iPad-compatible styluses that have cropped up over the years clearly show that fingers are not always the best choice for everyone. Some users prefer a pen or brush for drawing and painting. To others it feels more natural taking handwritten notes with a pen-like device rather than with their finger. Yet others like the fact that a stylus doesn’t add greasy smears to the iPad’s screen. Therefore the GroovBoard features dual stylus holders - for left- and right-handed users - that work both in flat and upright mode.

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iPad + GroovBoard = Perfect Couch Computer

To sum it up: The GroovBoard lets you use your iPad comfortably sitting on the couch or in your easy chair, with or without an Apple Wireless Keyboard and holds on to your stylus so you don’t lose it between the sofa cushions.

P.S.: I really wanted to mention that you can rest a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) on the GroovBoard while watching a movie. And that a small wireless speaker like the Jawbone Jambox works great when placed on the GroovBoard facing the iPad (the sound reflects off of the iPad’s screen). And that the GroovBoard comes with a set of anti-slip rubber feet for tabletop or desk use (think cookbook, reading or display stand). And that it’s made from a selection of fine hardwoods in Bavaria, Germany. But all that would have made this page way too long.

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